fig and honey - ABOUT

I come from a long line of strong beautiful women. From them, I have inherited the gift of truly seeing and appreciating beauty. This has added such richness to my life and has sustained me through difficult times.  A single bloom, a sunset, moonglow and stars, a fallen branch, a birds nest, all gifts, with the power to uplift and to bring joy.

In creating fig and honey I endeavour to bring that quality of joy to all that I do. I work with nature and its colours palette to mindfully design pieces that bring calm and respite from today's fast-paced world. To add quality and beauty to everyday rituals.

We can in fact live with very little. Paring back our lives and focusing on what really matters to us, brings purpose and calm. Our homes are an expression of self and what we surround ourselves with, impacts greatly on the quality of our lives. The things that we choose to fill our spaces with tell us a lot about what matters to us. Carefully chosen piece that have meaning and purpose. Objects that bring joy by their presence. Texture, colour and form that bring a quality to our surroundings and impact on our sense of comfort and belonging.

Fragrances, texture, colour, energy, all qualities to consider when creating our space. There is an authenticity and integrity in using botanical dyes. The energy they omit is calming, grounding, of the earth.

My designs are grounded with the mindful intent to bring beauty to our everyday rituals and to bring joy.

Jo Muir