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Beauty is found all around us. Be it in nature, the love of family and friends or the colours, textures and fragrances that are a part of our daily lives. Appreciating the comfort and beauty that exist in our daily ritual, encourages us to slow down and take pleasure in small things, to live mindfully. Organic plant dyed cushions, soft textured linen wraps, fine linen face cloths and towels, wool filled meditation cushions, velvety smooth purses, linen pouches for precious things. Every piece has a purpose, to bring joy.

fig and honey

Dying Process


Jo Muir


Jo Muir


Jo Muir


Jo Muir


To me, there is so much pleasure to be had in foraging. We are blessed to live on a block of land, with a variety of trees that work beautifully for natural dyeing. I am often found collecting fallen branches and leaves after a storm. I prefer to use foliage that has fallen of its own accord.

Preparing the fabric

I prewash the fabric several times to remove any finishings used in manufacture. I use mainly Belgian linen and vintage French linen. I then soak the linen in a mordant of my choice, usually organic soy milk.

the dye pot

I make my botanical dyes in the same way that I bake. Using fresh local, seasonal produce and natural instinct. I fully acknowledge that science is a factor in baking and dying, it’s just not my focus. The colours I achieve are the colours I like to be surrounded by, a reflection of me.

I cover the foliage, husks, flowers in water ( preferably rainwater) and simmer for a few hours. Then strain the dye and immerse the fabric until the desired colour is achieved. This process takes time, but it is so rewarding. Each dye pot is unique to me. I have never been one for following recipes, my ingredients are picked to represent a given moment in time or a shared experience. The gum bark that fell in last weeks storm, the avocados we collected when my children were home for the holidays, a bunch of flowers from a friend, a wedding bouquet.

To me, the dye process is a beautiful way of honouring a moment in time.


fig and honey


fig and honey - ABOUT

I come from a long line of strong beautiful women. From them, I have inherited the gift of truly seeing and appreciating beauty. This has added such richness to my life and has sustained me through difficult times.  A single bloom, a sunset, moonglow and stars, a fallen branch, a birds nest, all gifts, with the power to uplift and to bring joy.

In creating fig and honey I endeavour to bring that quality of joy to all that I do. I work with nature and its colours palette to mindfully design pieces that bring calm and respite from today's fast-paced world. To add quality and beauty to everyday rituals.

We can in fact live with very little. Paring back our lives and focusing on what really matters to us, brings purpose and calm. Our homes are an expression of self and what we surround ourselves with, impacts greatly on the quality of our lives. The things that we choose to fill our spaces with tell us a lot about what matters to us. Carefully chosen piece that have meaning and purpose. Objects that bring joy by their presence. Texture, colour and form that bring a quality to our surroundings and impact on our sense of comfort and belonging.

Fragrances, texture, colour, energy, all qualities to consider when creating our space. There is an authenticity and integrity in using botanical dyes. The energy they omit is calming, grounding, of the earth.

My designs are grounded with the mindful intent to bring beauty to our everyday rituals and to bring joy.

Jo Muir

fig and honey

customer reviews

“I absolutely love all my purchases from Jo at figandhoney. The beautiful linen that she uses for her hand towels, face cloths and bags are of high european quality and her velvet purses are just stunning. Figandhoney is the perfect shop to go to when you want to spoil yourself and has been a regular place for me to buy gifts for that special someone”.
Vanessa M

Fig and Honey products have graced our family home for many years. We all treasure the beautiful velvet cushions and eye pillows and Hot water bottle covers we each have. The linen and silk face masks have been incredible to wear during this past year, soft and comfortable. My daughters and I each have one of her linen scarves, in stunning soft colours that go with everything. You can feel the love and care that has gone into every piece.. we will be purchasing more in the future..“.


“Dealing with Jo at Fig and Honey is a dream!
I absolutely adore all that I have acquired from Fig and Honey.
I love absolutely everything from design to construction, ethically sourced materials of the most beautiful quality, to botanically dyed fabrics!
So luxurious! A little slice of heaven. Xx”.

fig and honey

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